Sorsi d'Autore 2017 - gusto e cultura nelle Ville Venete

When: - • Region: Veneto • Province: Treviso

Sorsi d'Autore 2017 - gusto e cultura nelle  Ville Venete The Villa Cordellina Lombardi in Vicenza will launch the 18th edition of Sorsi d'Autore, one of the longest events dedicated to the enhancement of the historic heritage and regional eno-gastromonic heritage. The festival is organized by the Fondazione Aida and for the eighth consecutive year it is hosted in some of the most impressive Venetian Villas thanks to the established collaboration with the Venetian Regional Venetian Institute and the Veneto Region. Until July 2, four events are scheduled with large Names of entertainment and entertainment such as Giuseppe Vessicchio, Mauro Corona, Luigi Maieron, Milly Carlucci, Cinzia Tani, Federico Rampini and Luca Telese, who will taste the eno-gastronomic excellence of the region together with the public. MEETINGS WITH AUTHORS on 22 June at Villa Cordellina Lombardi in Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Giuseppe Vessicchio, the most pop master in Sanremo, in dialogue with Giuseppe Maria Ricchiuto, founder of Specchiasol and pioneer of natural medicine in Italy, will present The music grows tomatoes Rizzoli, 2017). On June 24 at Villa Violini Nogarola in Castel D'Azzano (VR), Mauro Corona and Luigi Maieron will present almost nothing (Chiarelettere, 2017). An evening dedicated to self-care and well-being will be the one on 30 June at Villa Farsetti in Santa Maria di Sala (VE) where Milly Carlucci, with Cinzia Tani, will give voice to The best of you - Sperling & Kupfer, 2017). An appointment with the news, a comparison of the "hot topics" of our time will be on July 2 at Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine (RO) with Federico Rampini and Luca Telese who will present The betrayal (Mondadori, 2016). TOUR TASTINGS IN THE VENETE VILLASHave the highlight of the kermesse are the tastings of Veneto's eno-gastronomic excellence. It is divided into two moments, the afternoon of 18.30 through a traditional tasting with the sommeliers of AIS Veneto, and the evening in conjunction with the meetings, you can taste wines from the best selections, including: Cantina Tedeschi, Punto Zero, Tommasi , Piovene Porto Godi and Comini, accompanied by cheeses from the Consortium for the Protection of Asiago DOP Cheese, sausages of Salumeria Di Eustacchio, goodness New Crich and Acqua Recoaro. The afternoon tasting is only by reservation, while the evening, in company with the guest, is free entrance, organized with Goldplast design products. Event Off: On Tuesday, June 20, guests of the VIP lounge at Marco Polo Airport in Venice, in collaboration with Save, are scheduled to have a tasting day. GUIDED TOURS In addition to wine and literature, the third element that distinguishes Sorsi d'Autore is the setting in the Venetian Villas that for eight years accompanies the events of the event. Waiting to meet the guests, before any meeting, at 19.30, you can take advantage of the guided tour service (on reservation only). In the event of bad weather the events will be held at the indoor halls. SHORT PROGRAM: Thursday, June 22 Montecchio Maggiore VICENZA - Villa Cordellina Lombardiore 19.30: guided tours 21.00: meeting with Giuseppe Vessicchio and Giuseppe M. Recipe with Tasting Degree Cantina TedeschiSabato 24th June Castel D'Azzano VERONA - Villa Violini Nogarolaore 18.30: guided tasting with the Sommelier AIS Veneto Wines Zeroore Point 19.30: guided tours 21.00: meeting with Mauro Corona and Luigi Maieron with tasting Punto ZeroWednesday 30th June Santa Maria di Sala VENICE - Villa Farsettiore 18.30: guided tasting with sommelier AIS Veneto with Tommasiore 19.30: guided tours 21.00: Meeting with Milly Carlucci and Cinzia Tani with tasting with TommasiDomenica 2 July Fratta Polesine ROVIGO - Villa Badoerore 18.30: guided tasting with sommeliers AIS Veneto Cantina Piovene Porto Godiore 19.30: guided tours 21.00: meeting with Federico Rampini and Luca Telese with tasting Cantina Comini La Review is promoted by Fondazione Aid A, Venetian Regional Institute and Veneto Region - Tourism; With the support of Specchiasol - Nature Health Science, Recoaro, Crich, Asiago DOP cheese consortium, Goldplast and Oenofrance; With the participation of Cantina Tedeschi, Punto Zero, Tommasi, Piovene Porto Godi, Comini, AIS Veneto, Eustacchio, SAVE, Galileo; Media partnership of Corriere del Veneto and SpiritodiVino. Information and reservations: FOUNDATION AIDAVia D. Degani, 6 - 37125 Verona - Italy - Tel. +39 339/1441436 - - ​​

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