"Country Hack Fest" - Guardia Sanframondi

When: • Region: Campania • Province: Benevento

Within the VinSannio FestivalArt - Wine city to UNESCO - second edition, Sunday, January 22, 2017 the Municipality of Guardia Sanframondi is promoting an initiative with strong technological value and innovation: the Country Hack Fest. The rural world is changing with the evolution of technological applications. We experimented today on systems to improve product quality and to optimize costs and resources, enhance and promote territories. A process that has to deal with an action for renewal of the approach to land culture with a view increasingly "open" where the knowledge and knowledge become collective heritage. This is an initiative that aims to deepen the relationship between technology and rural areas, towards a future where technology and sustainability will be the protagonists of a radical change of culture approach to land, quality production, promotion and enhancement of the rural heritage -paesaggistico-artistic-cultural. A Guardia Sanframondi will meet innovators, hackers, researchers and companies to a focus on the latest innovations in the field of rural and new technologies. The first Country Hack Fest, scheduled for Sunday, January 22, accepts and examines experts from different fields to identify the challenges to be faced with all the actors of the territory, in order to achieve a real hackathon to be held in autumn: a creative marathon for 'development of innovative processes and infrastructure products. The program includes the participation of players in the corporate world as Giovanni Caturano - SpinVector: "The Sannio is a land rich in history, beauty and culture, but it is certainly not looking only inside and learn to transform this wealth into value. We live in an area with strong potential, but you need to inform tourists of our existence. We must overthrow the paradigm and think in a new way: if we think of tourism in the era of augmented reality gaming and technology can certainly be an innovative solution for the wine territory ". The main purpose of the Country Hack Fest, according to the mayor Floriano Panza, is the opening of a new frontier: "Our young people will not go away if they work at both the primary sector and in the service sector. The UNESCO nomination and similar initiatives tend to build a compact mass that critical and decisive points on territorial improvement, landscaping and artistic, the quality of local talent and technology, of which part is the hackfest ". The Country Hack Fest not only wants to focus on innovation applied to the rural landscape, but intends to be a laboratory of ideas and transformations produced by the comparison between cultures and different sensibilities. Participation is free. institutional 10.30Saluti and Presentation of territorioFloriano Panza Mayor of Guardia Sanframondi event Presentation by the inventors: Annachiara PalmieriAaron Visaggio BoardAniello Cimitile Technical University of SannioAlex Giordano Rural Hack, University Federico IINino Pascale Slow Food ItaliaGerardo Camphor University of SannioPasquale Lampugnale Confindustria BeneventoGiuseppe De Nicola award Best PracticesLuigi Nicolais University Federico II 12.30Lunch with the excellence of the territory 14 working .00Tavolo with 15.00Engineering partners Ingegneria Informatica spa // John FrattiniS.FORI University of Sannio-CeRICT Antonello CutoloMetoda spa sCRL // // // Antonio MarinoR4i Peter Moreno CarosellaSpinvector CarollaIQuadro // // // CaturanoItaldata Giovanni Andrea MongilloCampania Systems // Elia Di Michele LiveriniAtos NardoLiverini Spa // // Giuliano Calabrese 17.00Conclusioni the board

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