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Italy is certainly the best place in the world in terms of variety of culture, nature, food and wine offerings, with the richness and diversity of its regional traditions.

ItalianWinesAndFood aims to promote Italian food and wine, explored and tasted directly on sites.

Many people do not know that a possible gastronomic journey may possibly originates only a few kilometers from where they are accommodated, from the nearby hills, the surrounding countryside, and even from a city.

Besides attending the many food and wine related events organized in every town and city in Italy during the entire year, we suggest to visit places of production and the producers themselves outside the busiest seasons.

If you like good wine, it is sufficient to find a route from one of the many wine routes, which pass through the districts of production such as the Chianti hills in Tuscany and Valpolicella in Veneto. This latter region alone is home to 16 wine routes.

You'll find that many wineries and wine makers are happy to welcome you, ready to explain what they produce and how, and guide you through a pleasant tasting. Make sure, though, to check their availability with a phone call if you can.

The opportunities to discover new food and wine routes are several, during weekends, working days, and holidays.

ItalianWinesAndFood through its maps shows the various food and wine typical production sites, lists of the manufacturers surveyed with relevant info and contact details: it is a valuable aid in planning what best suits your needs for a relaxing weekend or a holiday break.

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