Basilicata Wine and Wineries

There are 3 areas of production of DOC wines in Basilicata region: Aglianico del Vulture Matera and Terre Alta Val d'Agri.

The DOC Aglianico del Vulture is in the province of Potenza. The wine is a red garnet color, intense smell, big tannins and alcohol. He recently obtained the DOCG certification.

The DOC Terre Alta Val d'Agri, also in the province of Potenza, involves the use of international grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, as well as Malvasia di Basilicata.

In Matera DOC area, you can find wines like "il Bianco", "il Greco", "il Rosso", "il Moro", "il Primitivo" and a sparkling wine obtained with a second fermentation in the bottle. In this DOC area the most common vines are Sangiovese, Primitivo, Aglianico, Cabernet Sauvignon, Greek, Basilicata white Malvasia and Trebbiano from Tuscany.


Basilicata Doc Wine


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