Veneto, region of Italy

Veneto is located in the north-east of the Italian peninsula and is the first region of Italy for tourist presence. This is mainly due to its rich historical, natural, artistic, cultural, musical and culinary heritages. 

Venice, the region's capital, is certainly the best known city ot Veneto, but there are several other art cities of international notoriety, starting from Verona, Padova (Padua), and also Vicenza, known as "the town of Palladio" (a famous Renaissance Architect that highly influenced both British and  American architecture).

Veneto touristic appeal stems also from the beauty of its mountains (Cortina and part of the Dolomites are located in Veneto),  the seaside and the Garda, the biggest lake ot the country.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, and you'd like to have a combination of cultural experience, food and wine tasting, historical and natural sightseeing, Veneto is the best choice.

In this website you will find useful information about events and festivals, itineraries, accommodation, restaurants, and, most of all, the best places to visit while on food and wine tours.

Knowing the typical products and cooking recipes is not only a matter of "culinary" experience: it is also an interesting way to know the history of Italy, to better understand and experiment the famous Italian "way of life" out of the usual touristic spots.

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